Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bringing Sexy Back

Buff and Kahlua. Super stars. So hot. This is a trial of a new program I found called Animoto. Check it out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

"I Wish Every Day Was Negro Day!"

I saw Hairspray last night with Rosalie. It was everything a musical movie should be - fun, bright, full of great songs and dancing scenes.

The movie is set in the '60s, when the racial segregation issue was lurking behind the optimistic bright shininess of society. What I love about the movie is that on the surface, it's very plastic, bright, superficial, but with a real issue underneath that is the real focus of it all.

The musical also celebrates difference between people. The actors all had amazing voices, the choreography was great, some awesome cheesy lines.

I can't wait to see it again ... and again ... and again ...

(Cue jazz hands here!)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Heart Havanese

Nothing new today. Just more pics of my puppies. I went out west to wash the mini Buff. She's looking like a fluff-nut these days. How much hair can one tiny hamster grow in proportion to her body? Experiment worthy, I believe.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Waiter, There's A Rat In My Soup!

Alec and I finished up a great day with the new Pixar movie, Ratatouille.

We've been hanging out to see this movie for months, and it didn't disappoint. In fact, we both agreed it was a toss-up with The Incredibles for best Pixar movie ever. Big call!

Animation has come so far since Toy Story. The humans looked great. Not real, but a still really well done. The rats were made very human-like with big eyes and ears and cute little pink hands.

The animators have also managed to make amazing backdrops, such as the country house at the start of the film and the scenes of Paris all lit up at night.

The storyline was great - super cute and not all predictable, some unexpected villains, and a back-up cast of thousands of fluffy little rats. One of my favourite scenes has them washed and fluffed dried in bulk. I would love to get one of those machines for washing my own dogs!

Happy Birthday Jules!

For Jules' 28th birthday Alec and I drove out to the fabulous inner west for lunch at the Union Hotel. What a great day! Really nice food, the best company, and we re-discovered how much we love the inner west.

Jules, me and Shells.
After lunch Alec and I walked around King St. I love the cafe above - cutest name ever, plus all the adorable dogs outside!

One of this things I love about the area is how dog friendly it is. So many adorable pooches trotting around. Also many great shops with cute clothes and cheap second-hand books. The Elizabeth Book Store for example, sells very good quality second-hand books for around $8 each. Bargain! No chain stores in sight, just lots of boutiques and friendly people.

Friday, September 7, 2007

"The Extreme Always Seems To Make An Impression"

Tonight was the long-awaited '80s movie night.

Calman, Janice, Alice and Jamie came over for a feast and awesome '80s movies.

We started with Heathers, one of my faves. Mean Girls recently ripped it off, but it can't compete with the black humour of the original. Plus, the original had Christian Slater, everything a bad boy should be - hot, with a great head of hair, and a psychotic look in his eyes.

The movie really highlights what bitches girls are in their teens - it's all about the queen bees and wannabes. It's also funny and has some fabulous '80s fashion and hair. My personal favourites are the bright tights. Who could pull off blue tights these days apart from Winona in her Heathers heyday?

I also loved that in the movie, getting rid of the head bitch doesn't actually change anything - there's always a new head bitch waiting to spring up in her place. Shannon Doherty, as always, makes an awesome queen bee.

Movie number two was the very cool Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Janice watches this movie once a month apparently. It's a worthy movie to watch that frequently, even after all these years.

Matthew Broderick is fabulous as the cocky Ferris. It's a shame that this was his one and only really great film as he is really entertaining to watch.

Watching Ferris always makes me want to have more fun and be more daring. I'm most like Cameron in the movie - cautious and anxious. I want to be like Ferris, taking chances and having "you can never go too far" as my motto.

I really love Jennifer Grey in this movie as Ferris' evil older sister. She has so much rage towards Ferris and the lengths she goes to to catch him out are hilarious.

Equally hilarious is the cameo by Charlie Sheen in his very young, very hot stage.

After Ferris, the troops headed home, leaving me and Alec to watch The Breakfast Club. When I watched this when I was a kid, I thought it was really deep and meaningful. Now I just think it's a pretty cool coming-of-age movie.

I like teen movies like this. They seem more real to me then the current ones as I can relate to them a lot easier.

The conversations they have in the movie are very real, unlike recent teen movies that really stereotype teens into categories, The Breakfast Club starts out with stereotypes and breaks them down so that at the end, they're all brought down to the same level - just people with problems and opinions.

I Think I Have A Problem

Hello everyone. My name is Christine and I'm a shopaholic.

I stopped by Alannah Hill today accidentally ... and came out with a top, skirt and dress. The top and skirt were both drastically reduced to less than one third of their original prices, which I think makes up for buying the dress at full price - FULL PRICE! I can't remember buying anything full price from AH in years.

I needed a dress to wear to the weddings in Prague however, and this one is perfect. Lace overlay with a removable slip, so I can roll it up and just shake it out when I get there. Plus, it's also perfect for my work Xmas party.

The cute brown jersey top. A bargain and matches a lot of pieces I already have.

Sweet taupe skirt. Fits really well, lovely embroidery, perfect for work without being too corporate.

This photo doesn't do my gorgeous new dress justice. Bless you Alannah Hill for making such gorgeous clothes.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Am I A Nerd Now?

The finishing of the final Buffy series left a gaping hole in my heart. One that hasn't been able to be filled by any TV show since.

I wandered into a comic books store the other day and found Buffy comics - written by Joss Whedon. They're called "Series 8", and take up where the TV show left off.

Excellent artwork.

Funny storyline - just like the TV show.

Very enjoyable - but expensive! At around $10 - $15 a comic, they only took around 10 - 15 mins to read each. Is $1 a minute a good investment? I'm unsure - but addicted to Buffy. What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Broom ... What?

Alec and I drove way out west to Penrith last night to watch Alec's friend Brian play this odd sport called broomball.

Turns out it's a game kind of like ice hockey, but without skates. So the players run on ice, looking like cartoon characters trying to get traction, then often slipping over - or pushing each other over.

See? It IS a real game.

Australia vs Canada.


The best thing about Penrith is the 24hr Krispy Kreme store. Producing a town of fatties.

Yuuuuuummmm .... faaaaaaat and suuugggaaarrrr .....

Monday, September 3, 2007

I Pod Therefore I Am

I love my iPod. I know it's badly designed, I hate iTunes, and I resent the way Apple makes it so hard to upload and download your own music. I am such a trend whore though that I can't live without my iPod.

I broke my little nano while snowboarding in Thredbo. A lesson to all the kiddies out there. Unless you're a rocking snowboard, not a novice like me, don't be a fool and take your iPod up on the mountain.

It only took one spectacular belly flop to crack my iPod's screen. Interestingly, my Canon camera was in my pocket too and came out without a scratch. Canon 1, Apple 0.

Old iPod meets its replacement.

Awesome cracked screen in close-up.

Hello hot new iPod! I know we're going to be great friends.

Father's Day Part 2

Alec and I took my parents out for dinner last night in Lane Cove. It was great to see my dad :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Father's Day Part 1

The day started with an early morning drive to Newcastle.

Water! Such a pretty day.

Alec got soaked on the way to the restaurant. You can't make funny stuff like this up.


Alec and his dad have a lot in common. Such as their mutual dislike of having their photo taken.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Big Day Out

I've been super lazy lately so it felt good to have an active day again.

I started the day with a quick climb with Mel at St Leonards Gym, then Alec and I picked up Vladan to check out bathroom parts. We selected a colour theme, tiles, vanity, etc - I can't wait till it's done now. We chose a Mediterranean kind of theme - very rich blue floor tiles, stark white wall tiles with blue mosaic pieces as a stripe to run horizontally around the room, and an awesome vanity with lights in the mirror to make up for the terrible lighting in the bathroom.

After bathroom shopping we stopped at my fave Chatswood cafe, Marcello, for lunch. I ordered an open avocado, tomato, bacon and Camembert cheese sandwich with the best ice chocolate in Sydney. It looked so impressive I had to photo it.

After lunch I had to rush to make my 4pm dance class at Sydney Dance with Daniel. We love crazy Kassey's class, and today was no exception. Lots of fun and make me feel better about all the chocolate I've been eating lately.

A quick shower and I was on the road again, this time to Emily and Lorin's Sydney wedding bash. Em looked radiant, there was lots of tasty food (yes, I am a piggy and I did shovel it as soon as I found the mammoth block of cheese) and great company - a big bunch of Googlers.

Em passed around jello shots and equally popular strawberrys and dipping chocolate. Yuuuuum. What a busy, great day!

The beautiful Emily and her potent jello shots.

With the rest of the Google girls.