Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Fun

After a good morning climbing session with Nicko and Hamish, I dropped by Beverly's b'day BBQ pool party. It was a little nerve-wracking not really knowing anyone there, but it was also good for forcing me to be more social and meet people. I met some of Bev's really nice friends, had my first swim for the summer and ate some tasty food. Not bad for a Saturday.

Alec and I mucked around with the Flip Video I got from the YouTube launch during the week. I love how quick and easy it was to use. Especially uploading to YouTube. I'm planning on using it to take MANY videos of my cute puppies.

Alec is off to Mountain View again tomorrow. I miss him already just thinking about it :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, hello! Heh, it was my first swim of the year too. So lovely that pool. I love your blog, I want to look at your Europe pics, but my connection is being a bastard tonight! I was looking at some other entries though, puppehs (!) the 80's night, hee, I was watching a clip from the Breakfast Club on YouTube last night. Ratatouille (I need to see that movie!) And oooh, those Alannah outfits you got are gorgeous. I wish I could work out how to get your blog into my LJ feed! Lisa :)

BEVERLY! said...

Thanks for coming on Sat! Soz I couldn't chat with you very much, but Lisa and I are thinking of the 3 of us having dinner or drinks after work together one evening. You up for it? :)