Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bite Me - Again

I've been raving about the Bite Me burgers to Alec for months, and finally had him try it for himself last night.

Alec's long arms enable him to take awesome shots like this.

Me and Bev.

Bev loves a freebie.

The men look manly.

Me and Bev take two.

Mmmm Vegetari-Anne burger.

Bev's meaty burger.

Lisa's bohemath.

Alec chows down.

Lisa's burger turns into a full meal.

Yum yum yum.

Bev tells us how she really feels.

Don't even ask.

Dessert - yummo! Vanilla ice cream and choc biscuit.

Double choc.

Caramel pecan - I think I will get this next time.

Beverly's camera was lost (and recently found!) in Hong Kong. She hijacked my camera out of camera-deprivation.

Teppanyaki, The Rocks

I've never had teppanyaki before, so it was good practice to try it at the Rocks before going to Japan. We Took Phuongie to The Rocks Teppanyaki for a farewell lunch on a very wet and cold Thursday afternoon.

A seafood entree.

I think Phuong is right to be scared. It looks weird.

My deep fried veges. Does this mean they're not healthy?

Very obliging chef.

Watch my veges fry!

This bean sprout thing was amazing.

More veges! Very well seasoned.

Big lump of glistening meat for the carnivores out there.

Green tea ice cream. Yuuum.

Some kind of vodka shot.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Great Pool Championship

What was meant to be a night of bowling ended up being a night of fierce pool competition at James Squire pub. I haven't played in literally years, but my mojo came back after a slow start and I remembered how much I love to play! It was a great night, catching up with Shell and Eric and finding out that Alec really is right about the super powers contained in his feet. With his shoes on, he was an average player. As soon as the sneakers came off, he was a pool shark. Interesting!

Yummee Yummee Yummee!

This is hilarious. I'm not sure what's funnier - they guy making baby noises or the pug trying to speak.

Monday, February 25, 2008

SYTYCD - Vote Night 2

I'm almost too sad to blog tonight. It's only the injustice of it all that's keeping me going.

Two of my favourites got voted out - Kass and Hilton. Are the judges insane? Are they morons? Can I keep watching the show knowing that they seem to be completely unable to judge talent?