Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Show

I took my parents to the Easter show for a day of family bonding.

Photos of mine on display (top left and the pink one on the middle).

Award-winning cake. Yuuummmm.

Pugs. I never get sick of them.

BIG doggy.

Cactus with a bum on top.

Show jumping.

Fluffy alpacas just out of the bath.

Cows from my old school.

Me in the farmyard nursery area with a calf.

Freshly hatched chicks.

Polo to finish it all off.


Dana said...

OMG! That's so awesome, you had photos on display at the show! I didn't know you were a famous photographer.

TheFragrantElf said...

YOUR PHOTOS ARE UP!!! Whee! That is thoroughly excellent!

I can't wait till we go to the show next week. A family tradition I always look forward to.

Ooh, and that alpaca, s/he's all like, "Hey, check out my gorgeous eyelashes! I don't even need to use a curler!"