Sunday, March 16, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12

There has been a lot of backlash in the past week from choreographers who haven't liked having their pieces criticised on TV. As a result, the judges gave some really vague comments tonight about routines that I would have punished the hell out of the choreographers for.

Each pair did two routines tonight - one that was choreographed for them, and one that they choreographed themselves. As expected, most of the self-choreographed routines were dreadful, with the exception, IMHO, of Rhys and Jemma's cute number to Pony. There was a lot of running around and generic, boring moves. Surely Australia's "best" dancers could come up with better?

What I didn't like about this show was that some of the dancers were given overly critical judgments, such as Vanessa and Henry. They were given capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, and did exactly as they were told to, but the judges were scathing, saying things like "we struggled to find the dancing in that." How is that their fault? Surely that is the choreographer letting them down?

Watching the show with Lisa gave me fresh perspective, the viewpoint of a complete outsider to the dancing world. It was really interesting to get her thoughts on the numbers, and I was extremely grateful for her agreeing to watch it with me and keep me company.

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TheFragrantElf said...

I really enjoyed watching it together! I kept avoiding watching it at all 'cause I don't want to get addicted...but then I can just come here and watch the clips...heehee :D

I agree, the poor dancers copped all the flak when the choreographers should have been taking a bit of it too!