Sunday, March 9, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 14 Performances

It was a great show tonight. I loved the majority of the performances with only a few that missed the mark for me.

First up were Rhys and Jemma with a strange style of hip-hop I haven't seen before that was really sexy and "bling" if that makes any sense. Rhys in particular was really strong. He is so adaptable to any style and is my favourite dancer in the comp now.

Next were Demi and Jack with a rumba. Jack as always was great, but Demi chose not to wear shoes and as a result the routine really didn't have the sexiness it should have, and really showed up Demi's lack of technique.

Laura and Anthony followed (I think!) with a contemporary routine by Yannus that had very little contemporary actually in it. It was more like a bad jazz routine with lots of running around the stage. Very bad. Laura is my least favourite dancer and I hope she finally goes tomorrow night.

Henry and Vanessa took to the stage with a really fabulous samba. Vanessa, the ballet dancer, was amazing - she looked like a fierce Pocahontas. Along with the next routine, my fave of the night.

Kate and Graeme were given a really beautiful contemporary routine that showcased both of their abilities spectacularly. They are both such beautiful dancers and with a great choreographer came a stunning performance.

Sermsah and Camilla had hip-hop again this week. It was an ok routine, but they weren't in time and Sermsah didn't dance as strongly as Camilla did.

JD and Rhiannon ended up with jazz, and I really didn't like the routine. It was a top hat and tails routine set to a song by the Killers I believe and to me, it just jarred. JD looked much better this week however. Not good enough to be in the comp with the remaining dancers, but still an improvement.

I would love to see Laura and JD go tomorrow night. I can't stand to see any more of the great dancers go

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