Sunday, March 2, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 16

I was going to do an episode re-cap, but why bother when I can "borrow" it from the Network Ten site?

From Paso Doble to Krumping, from Soul Swing to Bollywood, if tonight's show was a box of chocolates, this would be something fresh off Willy Wonka's insane factory floor. With guest judge Mary Murphy fresh off her hot tamale train from the US to get excited our country's best dancers, the d-floor was set for hot hot heat of the very best kind.

Demi and Jack: Last week they sizzled in Samba, this week the cute couple stepped up the challenge of Indie Jazz. Could they keep raising the bar? Poured into tight black jeans, Demi and Jack quickly set about pulling out all the stops to the Artic Monkeys. The crowd loved it, but what about the judges? All four judges agreed that while Demi owned last week's routine, this week it was all about Jack. Overall it was still sexy and fun, but Demi needed more Jazz mojo in order to nail it. Do you wanna see these two in the Top 14? Vote now!

Vanessa and Henry: Dancing Contemporary Disco were last week's Animated Hip Hoppers, Vanessa and Henry. Mary said the routine, for her, was bizarre – and Jason agreed – there was no Disco in it. She said the assisted lifts were terrific, but overall she just seemed confused. Mary and Jason both named Henry as versatile, and a major contender in the competition. Matt commented that for the first week Vanessa looked relaxed, comfortable and seemed to enjoy it. Bonnie berated Henry for being late to rehearsal, while Jason said that for the third week in a row, Henry had stolen the routine.

Camilla and Sermsah: From last week's Hip Hop to a strong, powerful and innovative Martial Arts dance routine. Mary started the ball rolling by saying that Sermsah and Camilla had more stage presence in the first thirty seconds than the other two performances so far. Matt said he was drawn in, and the style sits so much better with the pair. It felt real, connected and engaging. Bonnie said it was a great achievement, especially to nail both the dancing and acting. Jason's comments were little more lukewarm – he liked the opening and the last 15 seconds, but the rest was a dance routine, not a fight scene. All judges commented this pair were really building as a couple. Do you agree? Vote to keep them in the competition!

Jemma and Rhys: This routine was an example of how thinking outside the box can transform a familiar style into something mouth-wateringly memorable. The Paso Doble – that's Spanish, from Strictly Ballroom right? Not in the hands of these seasoned performers! Innovative choreographer Jason Gilkison's interpretation of the theme of love and romance, which underpins all the Latin styles, saw this routine set to the spine-tingling opening monologue of Mr Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet. Yet again this dancing duo this had the audience raising the roof – and the judges certainly agreed. Mary said there was one way she liked her Paso Doble, and that was it! It was strong, passionate and fiery, and Matt agreed, naming it as engaging, real and dramatic. Jason named the choreography as world class, everything Paso Doble should be.

Stephanie and Marko: Originating from South LA, Krumping is a new form of street dance which was born out of dancers needs to release pent-up emotion – often anger – in moves which are expressive and free. David LaChapelle's landmark documentary Rize showcased the artform in its infancy, stunning the world with this tough expression of life on the streets. So how would an army clad Ballroom dancer and Contemporary Jazz dancer, self-defined this week by Marko as the 'freaks of the competition', handle this aggressive dance? Mary, Matt and Bonnie were supportive of Marko and forgiving of Steph being a fish out of water, with Matt saying she faked it really well. Jason was a tad more blunt naming the routine a big, fat mess with not a single moment of unison. Do you agree? Your vote can save these dancers!

Laura and Anthony: Last week they were Disco Divas, this week the loose and limber couple slipped into Soul Swing. It's New Orleans, but someone's spiked the red cordial. This fun routine has a distinctively cruisey feel to it, and was yet another fun style to showcase this couple's bubbly personalities. Did those spins and flips look as effortless to the judges as they did to the audience? Mary said the pair were phenomenal dancers, and Laura pulled it off and made it look easy. She felt the routine didn't really showcase Anthony as much as it could and Matt agreed, saying he felt the routine was a little lacklustre. Jason was unmoved either way and didn't have a lot to say – it wasn't hard and it didn't show them off. Love these guys? Vote to keep them swinging.

Rhiannon and J.D. Sexy, slick and surprising. Donned up in a sharp-as tux and a dress sparkly enough to make the Milky Way jealous, this power couple owned the floor when they danced the sexy Tango… until a missed few steps stopped short an incredible routine. Mary said it started out so well, they were doing tremendously until they dropped the ball. Bonnie reiterated that we all make mistakes, and that everyone on the judging panel has been in that position before. Jason said it should be JD leading yet it was Rhiannon leading as the stronger dancer. Do you love these dancers? Vote to keep them in the Top 14 now!

Kate and Graeme: With both dancers having experienced life in the bottom three and working with each other for the first time this week, the pressure was on. Would a flowing, bejewelled Bollywood routine be enough to keep them in the competition?
Mary said it looked like having so much fun and that both of them had that X-factor, and they were both on the hot tamale train to Hollywood! Matt was impressed with the connection they had made with each other, and it looked like they had been dancing together for years Bonnie the loved the routine, but felt it was just a little under. Jason said this was an example of brilliant dancers in a bad routine: good dancers with bad choreography

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