Friday, April 18, 2008

Kyoto to Takayama

More rain again!! We slept in, had breakfast (mmm toast! Who would have thought toast would be such a luxury!) then made our way to Takayama, in he mountains. Several trains and hours later we arrive - to MORE rain!! We had a quiet arvo and chilled out together at the hotel before venturing out for an amazing meal.

Takayama is pretty touristy. Downside - things like food are double the price. Upside - lots of people speak excellent English. The restaurant we ate at tonight was a prime example. The food was REALLY pricey for Japan, but it was really delicious so we felt it was worth our while. We ate traditional food of the region - Hida beef for Alec and mountain vegetables for me. I seemed to get some really odd things like mountain ferns ... is this really what people up here eat?

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TheFragrantElf said...

Can't wait to see pics of your meals!!!