Monday, July 7, 2008

Dinner at Bar Reggio

I finally met up with Emily to have dinner at a place she loves in Surry Hills - Bar Reggio.

It's a really cute little place - a hole in the wall that you'd miss if you didn't know it was there. Bar Reggio is very much an old-school family-run place, with an extensive pasta and pizza menu. The service was friendly, the food was fast, tasty and well-priced.

I'll be going back for more!

My vege risotto. Very nice tomato base.

Em's fave - spaghetti bolognaise.

Dining area.

Entrance and kitchen - squishy!

The entry we almost missed.

I walked through the city to get back home - past the war memorial all lit up.

Hyde Park.

Mucking around with the camera. I love Sydney at night!


Alec Thomas said...

Looks very tasty :)

TheFragrantElf said...

Sigh...perfect winter food!