Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Tokidoki Prints!

OK, so maybe I have a problem. I saw these new Tokidoki bags available for pre-order, and I'm trying to work out if I really need (OK, want!) another one ... or two! I like the black bags cos they're so functional and don't show the dirt, but I love the printed ones just cos they're so damn cute!

The two new prints available soon are Carnival and Mezzanotte. I like the Mezzanotte in the styles below:

From Karmaloop, Graziosa Small Messenger (I have this in another print and I use it all the time).

Creativa Large Messenger

has the Carnvial Sorriso bag which is a similar style again to the ones I currently have.

The new Adios keychain that comes with each bag. So cute!

What's tough is they are also releasing two other prints this year that I really love, so I am thinking of getting them as well! I am considering buying Carnival one as an investment piece as all of the others have had high resale value, but I need to look into if they are limited edition first.

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TheFragrantElf said...

Oh no, what has I done?! ... Bwahaha!!

I want them all. Sigh.