Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sushi-Ya Noodles

I met up with Beverly and Lisa to indulge in noodles in Artarmon. The place we were heading to was actually closed on Tuesdays (d'oh!) so instead we went to Sushi-ya, which was a few shops down. Coincidently, Sushi-ya is directly across from my fave pizza place, LCC. We have often looked at the menu while waiting for our pizza, but never stepped inside.

Sushi-ya is right near Artarmon station, and is extremely popular. Because we hadn't booked a table, we had to sit outside in a squished table - on a Tuesday night!

My huge plate of vege tempura - 12 pieces including sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini.
Ramen noodles.

My potato cakes - deep fried with bits of corn in them.

My tempura was delightful, but I thought in all it was a bit pricey in comparison to other Japanese places we frequent. I will definitely be back though for another giant dish of the veges.

Puppy Update

Well, not so much of an update just a few pics I took today. Kahlua has had a bad ear infection for several months now, so her ear is constantly yucky looking. The vet thinks we're finally getting the better of it now though, so hopefully it won't be much longer till my biggest baby is back to normal.

Buff is the same as always. Silly, nutty and completely adorable.

Tiny tot.

So bored now!

A good shot to show perspective of how tiny the little one really is.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulip Time at Bowral

Several years back I drove to Bowral for their annual tulip festival to take some photos. They came out brilliantly and I've been trying to come back every year since to take some more. Unfortunately, the festival only falls over two weeks every year so I haven't made it back until now.

The tulips were lovely, but they must have had a bit of a drought this year as they were a bit dry looking and scorched on the edges. A bit disappointing, but still lovely!

Alec takes a nap. Tulips are very tiring.

Oh hai!

On the way back to Sydney we were pulled over for a RBT by the Bowral coppers. They weren't impressed by Alec's home-made Ls, so we were sent to the local station to grab some new ones.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Day Out

It's very rare to have all of the people who are in the same job function as I am to get together for a day, so it was pretty fun to have us all in Sydney for a day of learning and fun.

This is my team - maximisers unite! (Yes this is what my job title is!)

Waiting for our boat to come.

On board, fending off seasickness with Kate and Casey.

With Shaden and Casey.

The entertainment.

Posing it up with Jenn, A.K.A J-Vo.

Isis & Matt's Wedding

After a week of tumultuous weather, Saturday was stunningly perfect for my good friend Isis' wedding - especially since it was to be held outdoors!

The ceremony as held at Observatory Hill in Sydney, in a rotunda. The view was stunning, so it was easy to see why it is such a popular wedding location.

Isis is Indian and her now-husband, Matt, is a Kiwi, so together they had a wedding that was a bit Indian, a touch Kiwi and a lot of Aussie.

The set-up for the Indian-fusion ceremony.

The stunning bride walked down the aisle by her adorable parents.
A lot of the ceremony was in Hindi I believe, so we didn't really know what was going on. It sounded amazing, whatever they were saying!

Some blessing was going on here. And promising to be good to each other of course.

Exchanging flower garlands.

Making it official.

Flowers for tossing. Because of the breeze they went in the opposite direction than desired and landed on the guests - a nice fragant shower of flowers.

The groom's awesome shoes.

Happy day! All dressed up.

The bride's hands - covered in intricate henna designs. Her feet were covered too.

The very happy bride!

STUNNING location!

Being tourists and LOL-ing.

Aww - romance was in the air!

A full-length shot of my purty dress.

After the ceremony we had time to kill so we stopped by La Renaissance Patisserie Francaise in Argyle St at the Rocks for coffee and, erm, snacks.

The display alone had me drooling.

My raspberry tart. So divine I could have happily eaten a few more. Then again, I am quite the little piggy.

Alec's mixed berry tart. Almost as good as the ones we had in Estonia.

Being such tourists.

The bridal couple changed into Western outfits for the reception.

The cake! It was uber tasty - some kind of moist vanilla cake with lemon-ish cream.

The set-up. The boat was called the Vagabond Princess.


Unsure what's going on.
Making their entrance.


More awwwww.

Lunch! Indian-fusion tastiness.

The bridal couple did a very nontraditional dance - starting with a waltz, then breaking into an Indian routine, followed by hip-hop. It was so unexpected and so very very funny.

Posing with our friends.

After the cruise we went to Opera Bar with the bridal couple and friends for more celebrating. We watched the sun go down and had lots of laughs as the bride and groom were able to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Being complete tourists again.

Sun setting over one of Australia's most well-known pieces of architecture - the Sydney Opera House.

Alec does his Wolverine impression.

The perfect end to the perfect day! Best of luck Isis and Matt, and thanks for involving us in your special day!