Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

A very rainy cold day was not the best way to celebrate my mum's birthday, but despite the weather we managed to have a really great day.

Alec and I met my parents and Tim #2 (a friend of my brother, Tim #1, who is staying with them for a while) at a King St Wharf restaurant in the city. I was too hungry and cold to photo the meal, but it was delicious and I sat under a very toasty heater, so i was a happy girl.

We adjourned to the nearby Lindt Cafe for dessert.

The birthday cake - a hazelnut, chocolate creation. Delicious!

The birthday girl.

Mum's soy cap - with tasty chocolate flakes.

Alec's dark hot chocolate - very French style!

Tim #2 and Dad share a laugh.

Our table of chocolate goodness.

Me and Mum.

Cold! Wet! Ready to go home.


beverly said...

Oh noooo, no lunch photos?!

The choc plague DOES look really nice though, despite the price :P

TheFragrantElf said...

The cake does look delish!

Happy birthday to your mum!!!