Friday, September 5, 2008

Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Lunch at Jordons

I love a good cause, especially when it involves the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation.

Today I spent a lovely afternoon at Jordons in Darling Harbour with many other like-minded women supporting a great cause.

I've been to a few of these style of event and I think this was the nicest so far. It could have been the lavish displays of pink everywhere, or the excessively girlishness of it all that did it for me - or it might have been the delicious food and the simplicity of the event. No entertainment was needed, no excessive speeches. Just a few poignant moments and plenty of time to chat with old and new friends while raising money for the cause.

Google table - yeah!

Pink merchandise everywhere.

Sussing out the silent auction items with the fabulous view in the background.

The Mimco bag I had my eye on - and "won" in the silent auction. Hey, it's for charity!

With girly partners in crime.

Our table of 20 like-minded ladies.

Sweet touches on the table.

Angela Bishop, the MC.

Cous cous with lentils, fetta and more.

Pumpkin risotto with spinach and sun dried tomatoes.

Fresh salad.

Tasty chips.

Most delicious dessert - pink mirangue with some kind of berry / passionfruit cream. So tasty I ate two.

With my bag after the auction end - while I was still on a buying high and before it set in that I had accidentally bought a bag.

Bye for now!

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TheFragrantElf said...

Yay re the bag! What a fab win for you and the Foundation!