Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulip Time at Bowral

Several years back I drove to Bowral for their annual tulip festival to take some photos. They came out brilliantly and I've been trying to come back every year since to take some more. Unfortunately, the festival only falls over two weeks every year so I haven't made it back until now.

The tulips were lovely, but they must have had a bit of a drought this year as they were a bit dry looking and scorched on the edges. A bit disappointing, but still lovely!

Alec takes a nap. Tulips are very tiring.

Oh hai!

On the way back to Sydney we were pulled over for a RBT by the Bowral coppers. They weren't impressed by Alec's home-made Ls, so we were sent to the local station to grab some new ones.


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