Friday, October 3, 2008

Night Out With Alec

Just a fun date night out. After watching WALL.e (which was awesome BTW) we had dinner at BBQ King, a well-known Chinese restaurant that we go to occasionally.

The picture is of lots of ducks strung up. Not very pleasant, but what the restaurant is known for - duck.

The interior. Packed and bustling as always.


Alec's short soup.

My vegetarian san choi bow.

Mixed veges with crispy noodles. Nice, but very similar to the one I have at BBQ Kitchen in Chatswood at a fraction of the price.

I hoe into the san choi bow.

Food bliss.

The city at night.

This busker had a guitar balanced on his head.

The perfect end to the evening - gelato!

I think Alec was sick of photos by this point but I can't be sure.

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