Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bravo Trattoria

Just a quick night out to welcome home Alec and to celebrate Bev staying in Sydney a bit longer.

We decided to try Bravo Trattoria in Crows Nest, famous for their many kinds of pasta (rumoured to be a hundred different kinds).

It is a very unassuming little place in the centre of Crowie. I'm not certain they had a hundred types of pasta, but they certainly did have a lot of variety.

Garlic bread - more buttery then garlicy.

Pizza - not sure which one this is.

Bev's pasta.

Vege pizza - not mine!

My four-cheese pizza - very tasty but a bit over-priced.

Eating action shot.

Nom nom nom.

Italian pasta - delicious! I wil be ordering this one next time.

Lovely ladies!


More wuv :)

Bravo is well-known for their gelato, made on the premise every day.

Lots to chose from!

I thought it was very over-priced however - $5.40 for a tiny scoop! It was very tasty, but not so much better than Gelatissimo to warrant the price hike.

My mango gelato - very tasty, especially the wafer.

Alec's berry crumble. Very good crumble - not soggy as crumble can become.

Fast and ready to explode after dinner. Bev seems to be expecting a pasta baby.
Bravo Trattoria
6 - 8 Falcon St
Crows Nest

(02) 9906 3620

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