Saturday, November 8, 2008


In honour of Alec coming home I thought I would bake cookies - something I haven't tried in a while because our oven is lacking an element.

It seems my baking mojo has flown completely out the window - I made a lot of silly mistakes and got really frustrated!

ANZAC biscuit batter - my first attempt!

I haven't used my parents' fancy oven in a while and I forgot what all of the settings did. As a result, I put the oven on "grill" and "grilled" the biscuits. Whoops!

Completely ruined top batch

The second tray were salvaged

I tried to make a basic vanilla cookie as well - this proved to be much more successful!

Batter on the tray

Cooling on the rack

Covered in sprinkles (I put these on the batter on about 30% of the cookies so they cooked in the oven with the sprinkles on them)

Now I'm keen to replace our crappy oven so I can bake some more!

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Alice said...

When I move into my new apartment, I'll have to invite you over for baking fun times!