Monday, March 31, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10 Vote Night

Top 10 Performance

I was happy with the results - Anthony and Jemma went home. I think my favourite is now Graeme.

Meeting Tia

Beck has a gorgeous new kitty - Tia. I spent some time with them both on the weekend.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10

Top ten tonight. Each dancer from this week forward draws a name out of a hat to get a new partner each week. I'm glad that each dancer is dancing for themselves now and not dragged down / pulled up by their partner.

Henry & Rhiannon - Jazz

Jemma & Anthony - Cha Cha

Demi & Graeme - Contemporary
My fave routine of the night.

Jack & Vanessa - Contemporary
I loved this one too.

Kate & Rhys - Hip-Hop

Graeme - Solo

Jack - Solo

Rhys - Solo

Kate - Solo

Rhiannon - Solo

Henry - Solo

Demi - Solo

Anthony - Solo

Vanessa - Solo

Paddo, Bite Me & Szechwan Gardens

Bev, Lise and I spend an awesome day at Paddington markets, Bite Me and Szechwan Gardens. Thanks girls!

Who says she can't eat a foot-long hot dog?

Mini Vege burgers.

In! In!

Topless burger.

Vroom vroom!

What? All gone?

The free ice-cream Bev received for eating the whole hot dog.

Cupcake hat?


Shower cap as fashion item.

The cupcake looked amazing but didn't taste as good. It was missing something I couldn't quite identify.

Matching sunnies are cool. 

The boys joined us for dinner at Szechwan Gardens in St Leonards. 

The "eight precious vegetables" dish was mine - totally delicious.

My deep and meaningful fortune cookie message.

Fresh-as-a-daisy fried ice-cream.

Fried ice-cream porn shot.

Banana fritter.

My new earrings. The extreme close-up isn't very flattering.

My pretty bag in "ballet pink" and awesome lipgloss. It's non-sticky and moisturising, with a touch of colour. Bev bargained the bag lady down from $79 and $75 per bag to $140 for two. Way to go!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New LOLs

I've had a bit of a low day. Pics like these really cheer me up!


I can't help myself :)

This little felt unicorn was bought from

These gumboots came from the Easter show. With Sydney weather the way it is I think I will be needing them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chris' 27th B'day

I was a bit late to Chris' dinner last night, but I still made it in time for drunken photos and babycakes.

I think these photos do justice to the evening without any commentary. Happy b'day Chris!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Step Up 2: The Streets

Dance movies are a source of extreme relaxation for me. Nothing is more entertaining than some well-executed routines, with a romance usually thrown in for good measure.

Rosalie and I both loved Step Up the original, so of course we were super-keen to see the sequal, imaginatively titled "Step Up 2 The Streets".

The movie has completely new characters but set in the same neighbourhood. The focus is also more on the neighbourhood than just the school, and is the story of a B-girl who, rather than trying to fit in with a performing arts school she is made to attend to avoid being sent to live in Texas, instead helps other students who don't fit the typical dancer mould to become a dance crew. The crew rehearse with the intent to perform at the infamous (and apparently illegal - dancing is dangerous, yo!) "streets" competition where crews battle in the same way that rappers do.

The dance sequences are fierce - some really strong dancing, and I really loved the last dance piece - in the rain no less. I found the clip on YouTube, so watch it if you don't mind a spoiler.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday!

My parents and I decided to spend the day driving down south to Stanwell Park for some family time. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! Finally a blue sky and some sun to warm my skin.

I forget what this sport is called, but there were loads of crazy people jumping off the cliffs with parachutes on.

The beautiful view.

Mum and Dad.


Art gallery which is attached to a cafe where we ate lunch.

The cafe had AMAZING food - they made me this creation below - thyme roasted Roma tomatoes on sour dough, with potato rosti, mushroom, a vege patty and rocket. Delicious!

We then walked over the new sea bridge.

My new hat - two views of the different ways it can be worn. I'm not a hat person, but I'm totally in love with this one.