Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween at work this year for the first time, complete with a pumpkin carving competition.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wuff Time

I spent the weekend with my girls getting some quality time in. I just love them so much and can't wait till I can have them with me every day again.

Looking the wrong way and about to bark off a warning to people on the footpath.

Little angels saying, "Don't go mummy!".

How can you resist these soulful eyes?

Scratch mah belleh!

Kahlua's eyes are so human.

Little munchkin Buffers curls up in my cuddle-U.

Very fluffy and clean.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beverly's Farewell

For Beverly's last day at eBay Australia, I joined her and her work mates at The Loft for after work drinks and commiserating.

With a fellow Googler, Angela.

I started getting starving and insisted - rather aggressively I think - that we must go and eat. The only reasonably priced food joint nearby was Wagamama, so off we went for late-night noodles.

About to pass out - saved by noodles!

Delirium caused by hunger. Lol-isa wants nothing to do wiht my antics.

Bev loves noodles - as long as they aren't udon.

Dessert - fried banana with coconut ice-cream.

The restaurant cleared out and we were the only people left.

Mmmmm dericious.

These sweet potato chips were addictive.

Romantic ... and delirious at the same time.

It was a fun but also sad night as it was the farewell for many eBayers as well as Bev. It won't be the same without you Bev, my dear!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sakura Japanese Kitchen

Before seeing Body of Lies at the movies (which we both enjoyed, despite the bad reviews), Alec and I had dinner at my favourite noodle place on Pitt St, Sakura. Nothing special, just tasty noodles and great conversation before Alec had to head off to the USA for work once again.

He loves his picture being taken all the time, really he does.

As demonstrated when he tries to shoo me away with his chopsticks.

Alec's huge bento box.

The same thing I always order - udon noodle soup and vegetables tempura.

Not amused by the chopstick attack from Alec.

Tired now! Too much noodle? Surely not!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sculpture By The Sea

One of Alec and my first outings when we started dating was to Sculpture By The Sea. We decided to check out the 2008 exhibition - and it brought back some lovely memories.

We did plan to go on a hot day when every other Sydney-sider had the same idea that we did, to either indulge in art or to fry themselves like bacon on the sand. We also made the mistake of driving there. It took us almost an hour and a half to drive there and park, so next year we will be going public transport.

Bondi Beach - packed!

Stuffing my face with amazing gelato from Movenpick.

Alec loving the crowds.

Let the sculptures begin!

Perplexed at the fake pond sculpture.

This didn't photograph well - it was a glittering pair of wings that floated in the breeze.


Anti-whaling statement.

Oh hai!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Google vs eBay Pong Match

After two netball and one touch football game, the Google team took on eBay in the next event - pong. As I have terrible hand-eye co=ordination, I took on the catering job for this tournament.

Teams unite. Googlers wearing the basketball uniforms.

eBay kicked our butts and deserved the trophy. Phuong, eBay team captain, receives the mini-cup.

Phuong then skulls something alcoholic from the mini trophy and manages to keep it all down this time.

High hopes to be number 1, but unfortunately we can't be the best at everything.

Ang and I bonded over the SingStar games that followed.

We rocked the night out with some fabulous tunes. Note however that we were rarely in tune, although Alec has told me on many occasions that I have the voice of an angel (LOL).

Some bro-mance going on here. And air guitar. Love boys in touch with their, ahem, emotions.