Sunday, November 30, 2008

Evening of Gluttony

Lovely Lol-isa has us all over for a big feast of nom-licious food.

Reading a very interesting article on Tiffany & Co.

Bev provided entree number one - cheese and tomato puffs, with ham in them for the meat-eaters.

Erm ...

My special no-meat version.

Sigh. There's no helping the hopeless.

Entree number two - pumpkin bruschetta. I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, but I just loved this!

Cheese tortellini for mains!

Multi-tasking for dinner.

Making myself useful.

The result - nutty pasta with asparagus. Delicious!

Who's the cutest kitty of them all?

Dessert number one - banoffie pie! Second-last layer - bananas.

A layer of cream on top finishes it off.

Feed me now!

OMG so tasty!

Dessert number two was another mango cake. I'm addicted ....


Stuffed and needing to be carried.

Cute couple leaving us to move to Shanghai.

My awesome friends.

So full we can't move.

Excellent host family. Thank you for having us over!

Chaotic group photo.

Moar Puppehs!

Excuse me the Cute Overload talk - my dogs bring out the silly in me.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Off To Newcastle!

Jan's birthday called us back north to "Poo-castle", as Alec likes to call it, so we went on a road trip that was adventure plus, but relaxation zero!

On the way up we discovered this amazing French patisserie at Lindfield, directly across from the station on the Pacific Highway. We were were driving north when we passed it, and decided to turn around to go back for cake, we didn't think about how difficult it is to do such a basic maneuver on the Pacific Highway. It took us about 20 minutes to get back to the store - so note to anyone going here and overshooting the store, just park the car and walk back, no matter how far it is!

Window filled with goodies.

Cakes! I want them all ...

Front counter filled with tasty things.

Close-up of the tarts we ate for breakfast.

This rabbit cookie was so tasty! Buttery without being overly buttery like shortbread. It was perfect to go with a milky tea or hot chocolate.

It was storming in Newcastle, so we stayed in most of the day, and head out to the centre of town for dinner. We didn't book a table anywhere - BIG MISTAKE! Every single restaurant was packed, and the one we wanted to go to was booked out for the night.

Strolling back down the street we passed this little Thai place. It also looked busy, but being in the mood for Thai (or at least, I was!), we gave it a go. Even though this place too was completely packed out, they squeezed us in.

Benjamas Thai Restaurant

Alec and the birthday girl.

A whole page of vegetarian options - yay!

Cute table setting.

Busy, busy, busy!

Vege spring rolls. Light and delicious!

My vege pad see ew - amazing! The best Thai I have had in a long time.

Beef pad see ew for the carnivores.

Thai fried rice.

Satisfied and ready for cake!

We bought a mango cake from the patisserie as well - thick slices of mango layered over cream and sponge cake. OMG so delicious.

Layer of cream and mango in the middle too!

Christophe's Patisserie Francaise
364 Pacific Hwy
Lindfield, NSW
(02) 9416 3883

Benjamas Thai
100 Darby St
Cooks Hill, NSW
(02) 4926 1229

Friday, November 21, 2008

Umaimon Japanese Restaurant - Back For More

I took Alec to experience the deliciousness that is my new fave Japanese establishment - Umaimon.

Alec randomly bought me these gorgeous pink roses. Thank you love!

They match my awesome Peter Alexander velor jacket.

Alec pulls one of many faces.

Delicious, salty edamame.

We tried the udon noodles this time - and they were amazing! The best noodles we've had outside of Japan.

Alec's was with pork.

Mine with veges and tofu. OMG so perfect in every way.
Obligatory self-portrait after stuffing ourselves.

51 Druitt St

(02) 9283 0606