Friday, January 22, 2010

Australian Food Blogger Award@ La Mint Restaurant

I managed to score myself an invite to the launch of the first Australian Food Blog award category, hosted by the Australian Association of Food Professionals at La Mint Restaurant in Darlinghurst with my friend Forager.

I've never been to a food blogger meet-up before, so was super-keen to check it out and meet some more bloggers.

The event was hosted by Australian Pork, and we were shown the new Australian Pork TV commercial before it aired on TV.

Afterward, I stayed for dinner and got to know some excellent bloggers like Peter G from Souvlaki for the Soul and Ed Charles from Tomatom. The food was also excellent - a whole page of the menu devoted to vegetarian options. Yay!

I was inspired to start a new blog just for food, as I find there is a huge lack of Australian food blogs out there. My new blog is Peas For Me - check it out!


Rose said...

Hey it was great to meet you last night! I read through all your vegetarian posts - I've started eating less meat last year (I know, doesn't look like it on my blog) and hoping to decrease it even less this year. Have you gone completely vegetarian now?

Christine said...

Hey Rose! Yep, I'm completely vege - been so for over two years after slowly stopping eating all meats over the years before that. It was easier than I thought it would be, although difficult when eating out sometimes :) GL and let me know if you want recommendations on places in Sydney that do great vege.

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul said...

It was a pleasure meeting you last night Christine...sorry about my rambling at the table. I ahd fun though!

Christine said...

It was great meeting you Peter - no rambling at all, just a lot of fun conversation!