Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eloise Month 8 - 9

First fever of 39.3 dC. Thankfully after 24 hours it went down, and after another 24 hours she was back to her normal self. The doctor suspected it was a virus and thinks she has a great immune system.

We started touring pre schools for September 2013 start, and researching schools we would like her to go to after that.

Had a fantastic first mother's day this month!


  • Crawls! Started tentatively, and by the end of the month is zooming around the house on hands and knees.
  • Started waving at people, starting with a stranger on the street. Does a really cute pageant wave.
  • Claps her hands together
  • Said "mama", "dads" and "dog" at the dog, Pixel, we had staying with us for 10 days.
  • Really agile - can twist and turn, move easily from front to back.
  • Tracks people and objects really well with her eyes. 
  • No stranger danger so far - so outgoing and social, really loves people in general, but a bit funny around strange men.
  • Hands us items like toys, food. 
  • Reaching to be held.
  • Started sitting up in the crib and pulling herself up. We had to lower the crib mattress.
  • Top two front teeth came in.


  • Loves being played with, thrown in the air, sang to, read to. Getting really interactive and laughs a lot when played with.
  • Bath time. Loves playing with her toys, and tries to hand them to us. Also trying to climb out of the tub.
  • Getting more snuggly - finally! Nothing is better than a snuggly baby.
  • Baby and mommy yoga class.


  • Started getting some separation anxiety during the night. Won't be soothed by Alec, must have only me. 
  • Some great nights of one wake up, but plenty of more than that, including the week where she had a fever.
  • When we go in to get her when she wakes, she is sitting up in the crib and reaches to be picked up.


  • Loves bagels, cheese, yoghurt. A pretty good eater in general and is getting much better with hand-eye co-ordination too. 
  • Can feed herself with her fingers.
  • Can drink by herself from a sippy cup.

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day, 2012

I have to admit I was insanely excited about my first mother's day this year. Alec was so amazing and planned a gorgeous day out for us. We started with lunch at Cafe Blossom in the West Village, followed by a shopping trip to my fave store, Anthropologie, and then a walk home via the waterfront. Dinner, pizza and wine. Total bliss.

It also feels like a good day to reflect on how my life has changed since becoming a mother. Apart from the obvious (ummmm, I have a baby attached to me 24/7), I've been thinking a lot this week on how having a baby has changed me in more permanent ways. Hopefully for the better.

Three lessons I've learned from my 8mth baby girl:

1. Acceptance - everything happens when it happens. Or not. The amount of times I've missed things, been late, etc, because of a sleeping/needing to feed/needing to sleep but won't sleep baby I just can't count. I'm getting better at accepting that things are either meant to be or not, and to not get as hung up on my plans coming to fruition as I had wanted.
2. Unconditional love. I thought I had known this before Eloise came along, but I was wrong. The love I feel for this baby is all consuming. Pre baby - I didn't want to give up my life/career/goals for a baby. Post baby - I'd do anything for her, don't want to go back to work incase I miss a minute of her life, and have shelved all my goals in favour of the sole dream to see Eloise grow up and achieve her dreams.
3. Finding joy in the small things. Nothing makes Eloise laugh like playing silly games with her, and nothing makes me happier than hearing her tiny little laugh.

Mother's day, 2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Afternoon in Central Park

With the weather warming up, we finally got up to Central Park for a gorgeous afternoon. Picking up lunch at nearby Whole Foods, we picnicked on the grass and had a relaxing sunny day.

Love the arches in the park.

Enjoying nature.


Alice statue.